What We Can Learn From Taylor Swift

What We Can Learn From Taylor Swift

What We Can Learn From Taylor Swift

If you’ve logged into your social media accounts in the past 48 hours, you’ve most likely seen the earth shattering news that is Taylor Swifts new single….. WHAT?!


If you haven’t heard “Look What You Made Me Do” yet, it is an edgier, rather dark song directed at everyone who has ever wronged Taylor (looking at you Kimye). This new song comes paired with the news that she will be releasing her album in November.


The internet proves there are mixed emotions about the new single and our office is torn whether to keep the song on repeat or switch our Spotify station. Will LWYMMD be the next “Blank Space”? Probably not, but it sure is catchy. One thing is undeniable, Taylor Swift is killing the marketing game. So much so we’ve decided to gather up a few marketing tips from Taylor herself. Taylor, look what you’ve made us do...


Simple Can Be Better

Some brands believe the more information put into their ad will make their audience want to learn more. These brands put so much effort into fitting as much information as possible into a digital ad, print ad, billboard, etc that they actually lose their audience with the wordy/busy/off-putting ads.

Taylor’s minimalistic and simple social posts over the past days left her fans wanting more, proving that a simple design can effectively get your message out there.



It would be interesting to see just how many people googled “Taylor Swift” after seeing her above social post? We certainly did!

Creativity is Key on Social Media

  • Eye-catching graphics - check
  • Unique and consistent branding - check
  • Creative content - check


Easier said than done. Living in the digital age consumers are thrown so much information, especially on social media that they tend to disregard most messages. Brands must find a way to break through the noise and actually connect with their audience. Creativity is key to a successful social media campaign. And creativity is just what Taylor delivered.

Tease with a Purpose

Our interest was peaked when Taylor posted countless snake emojis and a video of a snake’s tail after months (but it felt like years) of silence.

We’ve seen artists tease their releases and self-promote long before the actual release. Teasing new campaigns, product releases, etc. is a great way to get a brand's audience interested and engaged, but over posting can cause the audience to lose the excitement and become annoyed with all of the “Coming Soon” posts. If you’re going to tease, do it strategically.

Rebranding is Not Easy and Not Always Widely Accepted

It's apparent that Taylor is trying to rebrand herself with a new, edgy image. No more teardrops on her guitar. As a brand, it's important to know that rebranding is not always widely accepted by an audience, but sometimes it is necessary for a brand to grow.

A strong marketing and brand strategy along with a firm understanding of a brand's audience is crucial when rebranding. That, and knowing the core audience is key. A successful rebranding takes time, research and designers who fully understand the brand’s goals and direction.



While we wish Taylor Swift never deleted all her Instagram posts and replaced them with creepy snake videos, it’s obvious she has successfully marketed her new song and her upcoming album. “Look What You Made Me Do” had over 3.6 million views on YouTube only 7 hours after its release... and we may or may not have pre-ordered her album.

Whether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or a crazy person (yes, we know there are a few people in this world that aren't Swifty fans) - there’s no denying she’s successfully marketed herself and we can all learn a thing or two from that!

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