Bear. Beats. Britannic Bold. - Dwight as a Designer.

Bear. Beats. Britannic Bold. - Dwight as a Designer.

Bear. Beats. Britannic Bold. - Dwight as a Designer.

We love fonts and we love The Office, so a comparison was needed.

When it comes to fonts it’s best to take some of Michael Scott’s advice and Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). “Hurts your feelings but work every time.” - Dwight.

Just like running a paper company, font pairing can be a difficult but important task. Font pairings are necessary because they create depth and contrast in a design. The easiest way to look at it is to compare them to your favorite relationships from The Office. 

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The long-lasting couples in The Office complement each other, just as paired fonts should. They need to work in concord and contrast. Even small similarities bring a cohesive look together in a design. There a few basic rules to great pairing.

playfair & Raleway

Josefine & Merriweather

Serifs and sans serifs are like the Jim and Pam of font pairings. They are classic, perfect and timeless. They are the type of duo that everyone wishes they were a part of. It’s right to assume these pairings are soul mates. 

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Fat Frank & Century Gothic

Staying within the same typeface is always a good idea. Dwight and Mose are a perfect example of how staying in the family can create a dream team. Dwight is the bold, aggressive and a powerful lead, and Mose is his introverted, simple cousin that comes with him. Poor Angela.

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Modern NO 20 & Brandon Grotesque

Fonts under the same sub-category go well together due to their similar personalities. Like Micheal and Holly when squares find other squares, marry each other, they do.

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Many font pairings can be discovered using these tips and experimentation. Just like Ryan and Kelly’s relationship—try and try again.

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