On Exercising Creativity

On Exercising Creativity

On Exercising Creativity

As a marketing agency, it can be easy to put so much effort into your clients that you forget about yourself. This can show on your web presence and just how your brand is generally perceived by the public. We've done several exercises in this lately to keep our creativity flowing as well as share our thoughts and ideas with our community. Here are a few of those:


Stories Matter


This has been one of our favorite pieces of content to-date. You can learn more about it here, but basically, we started a video series focusing on entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits, and other people in our community that are doing things worth talking about. Here are a few of our favorites:







This has been a great exercise for us as we get to stretch our creative bounds and try new things. We're always looking for new stories to tell, so if that's you, hit us up at hello@travelingstorytellers.com.


Behind The Counter


"A photo essay of local entrepreneurs. See the people behind some of the upstate's finest businesses. Get a behind the scenes look at who, how & why."


This year for our spot in the BTC issue, we decided to really embrace our company name and get a little wild with it. They loved the idea and we rode out to the airport and took this shot. Amazing what can happen from a 10 minute brainstorm conversation.


Traveling Storytellers - Behind the Counter


Christmas Card Video


This needs no introduction...enjoy




While these range from fun and lighthearted to serious and complex, we've found that keeping our creative juices flowing in any way possible has made our client work better, and contain more passion and thought. Enjoy these little views into our office life and, when you're ready to tell your story and have it heard in the BEST way, come talk to us.


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