How Unique Photography Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

How Unique Photography Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

How Unique Photography Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

According to Google and the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of home buyers search the internet before contacting an agent. It’s more vital than ever that your listings stand out and normal photography just won't cut it anymore. In order to catch the attention of your potential buyer, you must differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition by using unique, state-of-the-art photography. And no... it won’t break your bank!


Why You Should Utilize 3D Virtual Tours


With only 9% of real estate professionals using 3D virtual tours on their listings, utilizing this technology will make you stand out with a competitive advantage. These 3D virtual tours are captured by a Matterport camera, which takes multiple scans of every room on the property. Once the scans are completed they are compiled  into an interactive 3D floorplan. Viewers become fully immersed in the property as they look and move throughout rooms as if they are actually there.



Utilizing 3D virtual tours to showcase your listings not only creates a “wow factor” but also creates a 24/7 open house that can be viewed anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Virtual reality goggles take the user's experience and immersion a step further. The VR goggles block out the surroundings and allows your potential buyers to feel like they are moving throughout the property.


The Importance of Drone Photography


Aerial photography is becoming increasingly more popular in the real estate industry every year. According to MLS statistics, real estate listings with aerial photography/video are selling 68% faster than those without. Aerial imagery of your property shows a unique perspective while giving you an opportunity to show off everything around the home. Using an aerial image as your featured photo is a great way to peak a buyer’s interested and create a strong first impression.



3D virtual tours and aerial imagery are innovative ways to showcase any real estate property, and when used together it creates a one-of-a-kind, highly engaging experience for potential buyers. Whether a commercial or residential property, implementing 3D virtual tours and aerial photography is proven to provide real result and benefits to your real estate listings.




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