Stories Matter EP01: Statice

Stories Matter EP01: Statice

Stories Matter EP01: Statice


It’s been said, to stop and smell the roses. For our first Stories Matter episode, we are doing just that—as we highlight Statice, a full-service modern florist design studio owned by Suzie Bunn in Greenville, SC. We loved the idea of featuring a floral designer because, Suzie doesn’t just create floral designs—she creates memories.




Suzie’s career began in Maryland when she began working for her mentor, Sharon at a floral design studio called, En Masse. There she learned much about the adventures of floral design and the thin line that exists between the ordinary and the avant-garde. While working on her degree in Horticulture at Clemson University, Suzie’s passion for flowers grew into creating designs for small weddings. Quickly, she carved out her own path, only to be limited by her own imagination. Suzie has been growing her business ever since and is now a well-established and well-respected entrepreneur in the Greenville community.




Statice is this fantastic little studio that resides at The Station, an old gas station, previously known in the early 40s/late 50s as, the Howard Service Station that Suzie converted into a large studio space where various artists and photographers work and collaborate. It’s truly a gem. Each week the studio is filled with sweet fragrances as trucks full of gorgeous flowers arrive. You won’t find any typical floral designs here. Statice’s focus is on creating visually stunning floral designs that are for the modern bride and styled events alike.




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