Stories Matter EP02: Mark Webb

Stories Matter EP02: Mark Webb

Stories Matter EP02: Mark Webb

“Make Country Music Great again” reads a drink koozie sitting on the island at Studio 101, a local recording studio 20 minutes north of Greenville. This is probably the most accurate indicator of Mark Webb, a local Americana singer songwriter’s sense of humor. His quiet but quick witted southern charm will enthrall anyone into falling in love with not only his music, but his character in general. That’s why we chose him for our Stories Matter Series.






Mark got his start with music by simply wanting to express himself through poetry. Slowly that would evolve into songwriting and playing shows around the south-east. With  four releases under his belt, he’s no stranger to reaching in and pulling out the best stories from his life and experiences to provide his listeners with a close connection.







His plans for 2017 are big but only at his pace. He plans to head into the studio in the coming months to put out his 1st full length album. When asked what  this next album has in store for his listeners He replied, ”It’ll definitely be a little more personal as far lyrical content goes. I want to engage with my fans on a deeper level so they can understand where I’ve been and ultimately where I’m going.” Mark’s next and first show of the year will be February 24th at the Spinning Jenny in Greer, SC.




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