Stories Matter EP03: Irontribe

Stories Matter EP03: Irontribe

Stories Matter EP03: Irontribe

Weights and barbells aren’t the only things being lifted at Irontribe Fitness of Greenville. The organization offers “a more private training feel, in a group training model” and aims to lifts the communitie’s spirits as well. Rob Jackman, Irontribe Fitness of Greenville Owner explains, “We love fitness, we enjoy fitness but more so we use it as an avenue to create relationships and better impact people’s lives.”






Irontribe of Greenville has two locations, one on Woodruff road and one on Pelham. Boasting over 300 members in Greenville, Irontribe Fitness doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

Irontribe has also made great strides in helping to fund global charities such as Neverthirst, which gives third world countries the opportunity to house water wells for clean drinking water. They’ve had the ability to build a total of nine so far!


stronger together


This isn’t your average, everyday gym. From the talented coaches from all over the country to the participants in the class, Irontribe is definitely proving that within community, they really are stronger together.

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