Stories Matter EP04: Through Our Eyes

Stories Matter EP04: Through Our Eyes

Stories Matter EP04: Through Our Eyes

“The cameras are disposable, the photographers are not.” This phrase continued to resonate with us the entire time that we worked with Jason Williamson, the creator of the Through Our Eyes project. As we sat down to interview Jason, he started our conversation with the same hospitality and giving character that he preaches with. By giving us free Through Our Eyes t-shirts. Jason, a pastor and photographer from Florida has no shortage of great stories and words of hope.




“I started the idea because I wanted to find a way to help out the local homeless community through photography and through the gospel.” Essentially, the project exists to provide next steps and to foster creativity and discussion. Jason travels to different cities and provides the homeless community there with disposable cameras. He then instructs them to just take pictures of their life. Once the roll is done, the photos are then selected by a panel of photographer judges and placed in a gallery. From there you can vote for your favorite with money.




The top three winners from each city get to choose their prize that will help them either get a car, a place of residence or simply more blankets and supplies if they so wish. The project has already been a huge success in two cities so far and Jason has big plans for which spots he wants to hit next. The enormous camera company Fujifilm actually plays a huge role in donating the disposable cameras to help out Jason’s project! We hope that Jason’s story will provoke you to pay a second glance to those in need, and inspire you to help out in other creative ways.


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