Stories Matter EP05: SpeakPoint

Stories Matter EP05: SpeakPoint

Stories Matter EP05: SpeakPoint

“If you’ve got a hundred different people you’ve got a hundred different brand messages” say co-founders Jeff Criminger and Dave Hooker of the brand new message articulating app, SpeakPoint.


Dave Hooker is a long time friend of Traveling Storytellers, so when he told us about SpeakPoint, we knew it was worth hearing about.


SpeakPoint is an app designed to perfect your objective. Whether it’s to sell a new product or convey the next idea to your company, this app is designed to lay out your initiatives , track your progress and get your message perfect to the potential audience. Every company wants a congruent message being delivered by their sales team. SpeakPoint allows you to role-play customized scenarios on your own schedule to master that message. In addition, it gives the management team unparalleled access to review their sales team's participation in this program



Dave Overlooks greenville


The app is available across multiple platforms such as IOS mobile, ipads and desktops. This brings promising news to anyone who needs a quick brush up on your objectives right before you enter any meeting. Just imagine the potential it has when entering job interviews!


Dave uses IOS app



Another welcomed feature is that it has the ability to really pin-point your challenges and let you know where you’re struggling or where you could use improvement. Your manager or supervisor even has the ability to certify and benchmark your progress. Truly letting you feel confident with any message that you need to convey.


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