Stories Matter EP06: Josh Holt

Stories Matter EP06: Josh Holt

Stories Matter EP06: Josh Holt

Sometimes when you encounter a cause or a social justice issue, it shakes you to your core. Your body fills with adrenaline and you say to yourself “How can I change this?” This scenario couldn’t have been more fitting for our sixth story,  Josh Holt.




Josh Holt is a talented artist and both a fighter in the boxing ring and out. Being challenged by the growing epidemic of human sex trafficing and exploitation, Holt started a non-profit by the name of Project4One, which raises awareness and funding that goes towards larger organizations that fight for the cause as well.




To help raise awareness and funding, Project4One throws events and puts on walks for the public to attend. In fact, on May 13th they will be hosting a Color Run in Spartanburg. You can find out more details or grab a t-shirt by visiting their website




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