Stories Matter EP07: GVL Today

Stories Matter EP07: GVL Today

Stories Matter EP07: GVL Today

Storytelling is wildly popular today. It’s seen as the key to succeeding in business, strengthening culture and engaging citizens—not just in thought but in emotions, values and imaginations.



In our 7th Stories Matter episode we are featuring GVL Today, another unique group of storytellers in Greenville. We thought focusing on storytelling was quite appropriate for this episode—after all, it’s a large part of who we are and what we do.



GVL Today’s main goal is, “To aggregate the most important news, stories, words-on-the-street and local happenings, and deliver them to you in an easily-digestible, fun-to-read package: GVL Today.” The team at GVL today never stops—they’re constantly out and about, digesting new and original content to deliver to their on-the-go readers in Greenville.



Not only does GVL Today curate and produce read-worthy news, but they often take polls that can attract necessary attention and/or lead to new growth and wanted change in our city. Pretty cool!



GVL Today’s daily morning newsletter provides readers with what they need to know to be involved in informed community conversations. Their social media platforms are pushing out round-the-clock content while allowing for feedback from engaged followers. If you haven’t joined in on the conversation—you can start today by visiting them online and subscribing to their newsletter.

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