Stories Matter EP08: Advoco

Stories Matter EP08: Advoco

Stories Matter EP08: Advoco

With a large influx of tech-savvy job seekers in the workforce, company culture has a tremendous impact on what jobs are being sought after. Major corporations such as Google and Facebook realize this and have truly embraced office culture as a primary focus to attract the best employees, in addition to traditional company perks!

A positive office culture motivates and inspires a team to succeed. Culture impacts how happy employees feel in their jobs and an employee’s tenure with a company. 

This leads us to our eighth episode in our Stories Matter Series featuring Advoco, a tech company with pretty sweet office culture located here in Greenville, SC.




Advoco is an Infor partner that works with Enterprise Asset Management software to track and manage client assets. From a fleet of delivery trucks to machine maintenance and performance, Advoco helps to create and implement software solutions to meet client needs. But the real story behind Advoco is their office culture. The team at Advoco is encouraged to express their personalities in their workspaces—from sketching on the walls to inspire their next big idea, to decorating their desks with colored lights—there’s no limit on creativity.

When the team needs a break there’s a TV set up with a Nintendo Wii where the employees can enjoy a game of bowling to clear their minds and recharge. Advoco not only wants their team to have fun, but they also focus on giving back to the community. The company groups into teams for fitness challenges—for every 30 minutes of continuous exercise by an employee, the company will set aside a donation to go to a charity of the winning team’s choice.

 Team Bowling.jpg


Each year Advoco establishes goals for the company to work towards, once the team meets these goals, the employees are rewarded with a company trip—last year they went to the Dominican Republic and this year they’re going to the Bahamas! By bringing the team together, setting goals and developing a set of values, Advoco sets up their employees for success. It’s apparent that Advoco proved their solid office culture as they applied for the Best Places to Work in South Carolina by SCBiz and the SC Chamber of Commerce for 2017, and won!

Not only does Advoco focus on inspiring employees, they also enjoy delighting clients. Once a year the company goes out to the West Coast where they pick grapes for their wines—yes, wines! The Advoco wines are used as gifts for clients and relished by all at the office’s happy hours—we’ll cheers to that!


Want to establish an atmosphere where your employees feel positive, purposeful and engaged? Here are a few ideas to help get you started...

Establish values and goals. Bring the team together to set goals and develop a set of values that will inspire. Get together for a team lunch and brainstorm, sharing ideas on what it takes to succeed as a team. Share your goals, get input and answer questions.

Plan team outings. Team outings are a great way to bond outside of the office and get to know each other on a more personal level. Employees can take turns planning the team outings so everyone gets to participate and plan something unique for the group.

Create fun employee workspaces. We spend the majority of our time at work, so why not have a workspace that makes you happy? Encourage employees to express their personalities or come up with creative ideas to decorate the office. Enticing break rooms or collaboration areas are both great ways to foster teamwork.

Volunteer as a team. Giving back to the community always feels good and getting involved as a group only strengthens the bonds of your team. Additionally, it’s a great way to network, establish relationships with other local businesses and promote your company as a socially-conscious organization.

Keep in mind motivated employees mean greater productivity, which results in more revenue! A few small ideas can improve daily work experiences that will ultimately create and inspire an office culture that your employees believe in and support—this is what motivates individuals to do their best.


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