Stories Matter Season II Episode I: Horizon Records

Stories Matter Season II Episode I: Horizon Records

Stories Matter Season II Episode I: Horizon Records

 “There’s nothing as Glamorous to me as a record store.” - Paul McCartney

With easy access to free online music, you may have wondered why someone would pay $20 for a second-hand copy of an old vinyl that can only be played on a costly, involved turntable. We can all agree that digital format music is more convenient. However, an ever-growing population would argue if you really want to hear the music, you’ll play it on a record.

This brings us to the first episode in our second season of Stories Matter, featuring Horizon Records. Go ahead, put your records on, tell us your favorite songs and enjoy!  


Meet Gene Berger, owner of Horizon Records—a local record store located off Stone Avenue in downtown Greenville, SC. Gene has been running the store for an impressive 43 years and still going strong. This is a story for the books (and no, it’s not off the record). 


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“One of the great things and the most important things about running a long-history record store, is building relationships—or even a young store trying to get going is building relationships with artists.” - Gene Berger

Gene worked diligently to make his dreams a reality. In the beginning, he spent a lot of time scouting obscure jazz records and a few rock and roll records he knew would attract collectors. Despite the tech shift and economic difficulties, Gene continued to work and move forward with his passion for music. During this time, Gene joined efforts with the team that started National Record Store Day—a day that generated new buzz and put record stores, like Horizon Records, back on the map.

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Appreciative for the local support Horizon Records has received, Gene focuses on growing relationships with local artists and building a community within his store. Horizon Records will uniquely consign any musician or band that leaves their tracks at the store. Not only does he promote others by selling their music, Gene also hosts artists and bands in an intimate setting allowing the audience to enjoy the music up close and personal.

With a passion for music, Gene hopes all generations, both old and new, will continue to embrace and experience this rediscovered way of listening to music and story each record tells.

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What brings back this trend? While one would say it's nostalgia, consumers that weren't raised with these analog technologies are now the same consumers that are driving the resurgence of records. 

The music is real, it's tactile, it’s what artists want you to experience and no, it’s not digital perfection. There’s a sense of magic when you hear the sound of static as the needle hits the vinyl and discovering the story that unfolds with each turn of the record. 

This story is all about experience–something that has been lost as we've grown more accustomed to the convenience of our modern day lives. However, it can be found again in the simplicity of a vinyl record. We invite you to visit Horizon Records tomorrow Saturday, April 21st and experience National Record Store Day first-hand. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover a record or two! 



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