How we use UX to sell real estate.

How we use UX to sell real estate.

How we use UX to sell real estate.

Many of our clients work either in or near the Real Estate industry, be it construction, gated communities, or real estate companies themselves. For this post I want to focus in on the communities, and how we use UX (User Experience) Design to create great products for them.


Some are barely developed, some have neighborhoods within neighborhoods, but most all of them have the same KPI (Key Performance Indicator): sell lots. Our goal with these clients revolves all around "pushing dirt”, and what we know is that an empty lot often doesn't have much to offer visually.


Enter the skilled sales team. 


The sales team in these places are usually very knowledgable in the area, the community, and can paint a detailed picture of what the prospective client’s life would be like when they build a house there. Once they get a tour of the community, most often than they are sold. Unfortunately, most new buyers are not local, in fact they often live across the country.


Enter the internet.


Random articles say that 90% of home buyers start their search online. I’d venture to say that if the buyer is moving from Chicago to North Carolina, that number is up closer to the 100% mark. We had to figure out how to emulate that same in-person customer experience across digital mediums.


It's easy to go down a path of focusing purely on driving and converting leads, but what we've come to realize when we flip that around and focus on serving the user and meeting their needs first. And those needs are determined by their point in the home buying process. Some may know what they want and where, and some may not even know what state they plan on moving to. Our job is to service them all.


We do this by providing a simple user flow on the site preceded by clear, concise content beforehand to lead them to the right place. We create user personas and through our research and industry skills, we've been able to change the way people find their retirement home. We're seeing more leads, but more importantly, more qualified leads. The users are getting a real and accurate feel of the community before they even visit, making the transition from the internet to in-person so much easier.



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